Alien Beach Party

L.A. – what a town! In the ashes of the ashes of the cradles of punk and surf and Hollywood sound tracks, new bands continue to pop up, driven by a desire to make music and a hope of finding fame. I can’t predict fame or destruction for any of these attempts, but FIM might make the grade. This EP sounds a great deal like the sound track to a ’60s Fellini film: the vocals float ethereally over the gentle pop ripples of tunes calibrated to evoke love not lust, travel on a Vespa not a Cadillac, and a romantic interlude that’s more concerned about sun glasses and thin ties than condoms or recrimination. There are seven lovely cuts in this collection, they open with the innocuous “Fast Cars”, find their center in the daintily romantic “Love Die” and reach a pinnacle of emotion in “Shit God Damn”. Guitars lead the picnic with “Nice Day,” it’s an instrumental channeling a morose Dick Dale, but their vocals flare on “Believe”. It’s not clear what religion they promote, but you’re ready to tag along to see what happens no matter what. Fun, effusive and frothy, this pop music snack is not to be missed.


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