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There’s a tribal throb to this electro pop artist from down under, he’s not ominous but you know he’s serious about something. Maybe that’s why the opening cut “Law of the Jungle” lets you know you can enjoy the wildlife, but it can enjoy you as easily. Jaylee’s mama named him “Joshua Lee” and the nickname is obvious, and as artist names goes this one is an easy etymology and contians no symbols that aren’t in the Unicode alphabet. His vocals are sharp and pointed, he sings “The dust don’t cry until the sun don’t shine” which somehow makes all kind of sense, just as long as it doesn’t have to be explained in print. “Love of Bubbles” picks up an oriental backing, there’s an urgent synth loop and urban traffic ambience until it seamlessly vamps into “The Chicks Don’t Get Me.” He seems pretty straightforward to me — a strong vocalist with good backing sensibilities; he’s almost ready made for a pop career. Jaylee seamlessly slides between the dark and ominous and the light yet inexplicable, he’s polished yet obscure, intriguing and just the sort of sound that fits into almost any musically social situation.

Jaylee: Joshua.Net.Au

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