The Fleshtones

The Fleshtones

The Fleshtones

Wheel of Talent

Yep Roc Records

Nearly 40 years rocking, 20 plus disks, and total CBGB’s cred – so why haven’t you heard of these guys? That’s hard to say, they have an excellent garage band sound, rocking lyrics and connections out the yazoo – lead singer Peter Zaremba hosted the somewhat-well-known Cutting Edge Happy Hour on MTV. Their sound touches on more than just garage rock, there’s touches of punk, rockabilly, speed pop, and fun lyrics that could be covered by anyone from the “B-52’s” to “The Go-Go’s.” These guys opened at CBGB’s and like everyone in their demographic they are starting to look back, they pensively croon “Remember the Ramones” taking us all back to the late 1970’s. Some of us did see the Ramones on stage, but these guys probably got drunk with them.

“It Is As It Was” is there other memory song, it’s one of those “History of the band” things that all groups write at one time or another. The odd track here is “Veo la Luz (I See the Light)”: it’s sung in heavily American-accented Spanish over a rough grungy guitar line and a champing drum beat. Our last highlight in this introduction comes from “Hipster Heaven” – He’s got a new tattoo and a seat in the coffee house, looks like he’s died and gone to hipster heaven. Ironic hats or safety pins in the ear, it’s all good, even about-to-retire rock bands need to feel cooler than your parents. The Fleshtones keep delivering solid music, solid entertainment and a solid good times feeling that remains even after you have to go back to the old Day Job. Just keep this in your car player; it’s better than fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror.

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