The Mighty Fine

The Mighty Fine

The Mighty Fine

Brothers and Smugglers

Creator-Destructor Records

These guys pack some real rock and roll energy. With speed guitar, tight vocals and mysterious lyrics, this band is angry and I can’t quite tell if they are upset with me, their mom or the wrongs of society in general. Vocal duties rotate between Brook Thompsons, Casey Wieber, and bassist Mike Castillo, and while I’m not familiar with these Central Coast Cali guys they are out touring and maybe they will pass by my favorite drinking establishment.

It’s a post punk sound with vocals that might easily slip over to metal land but with foot tappers like “Bad Form” and “Palindrome” they mark their territory with a bold sound, a fearless delivery and song writing skills that feel right, even if the topic at hand is as simple as a lost girlfriends or the death of a friend. This is rock and roll at its post 20th century best, still seeking a new sound but never abandoning the guitar roots that go back generations.;

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