The Lovely Eggs

The Lovely Eggs

The Lovely Eggs



The 60’s were full of hopeful pop songs sung by girls in miniskirts and guys with porn-grade moustaches, the 70’s full of angst ridden punks with blue hair and safety pin fetishes. As the decades have gone by, the two have blended in the minds of today’s wannabee rock stars, and “The Lovely Eggs” has come up with an interesting angle on the merger. On “Allergies” there a psychedelic Ravi Shankar backing and a stripped down lead song by a single female vocal. It’s not as happy as New Wave or self-destructive as Metal, but rather a pleasant merger of two tastes you never thought word work together. But we hear a lot more old school “Annoy the Parents” in here as well. “Food” opens with “I want to masturbate with you, I want to watch you while you chew”; there’s an occasionally in tune guitar line along with oodles of fuzz and we are back in the days of “X-Ray Spex” and “Stiff Little Fingers” when bands didn’t have to sound that good, so long as they put out outrageous lyrics. With a nice mix of short concept sub-60 seconds tracks and few more contemplative 3:04’s, this is as good a replica of the sound of all those odd little bands that filled compilations discs from Leeds and Nottingham and the other Up North Brit Punkers back in the day. The Lovely Eggs may not change the world, but by God they are doing it, and that’s more punk than any well equalized sound or insightful lyricism.

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