I’ll Be Back Before Midnight

I’ll Be Back Before Midnight

I’ll Be Back Before Midnight
By Peter Colley
Directed by Tabitha Rox
Breakthrough Theatre, Winter Park FL

With a Chekhovian gun, a Chekhovian axe, and a Chekhovian trebuchet, there’s plenty of mayhem hanging on this wall. Greg (John Reid Adams) rented a creepy farm house for his wife Jan (Lyn Adams) to recover in. She’s been in a mental hospital, and isn’t thrilled about the isolation: she feels a need to be around people. But thoughtful Greg thought of that, he’s invited his even creepier sister Laura (Candace Doerner Hicks) to hang out with them and flash her cleavage in a short-short leopard skin robe. Jan is not amused. She’s little better with the landlord; the uber-creepy George (Mark Davids) lives across the road and checks in on their whiskey supply twice a day. Jan hears voices, Greg runs and falls down a lot, Laura has a tattoo somewhere saying “Incest is Best” and George, well, George likes to dress up a bit. But only on weekends.

This being a mystery, I’ll leave it at that and just mention there’s a gut wrenching double reverse uppercut fake out or two in this show, so stick with the slow first act and the abrupt light changes, the payoff is worth it. Mr. Sanderson’s boyish charm covers a dark streak, and when he and his sister are debating the past and the future, its one of the creepiest moments of the show. Jan is sympathetic, she knows she needs help and loves her hubby although he doesn’t seem to be a positive influence. Mr. David plays for laughs, his “ha ha” moment s are stronger than his “oh no” moments, but he’s not without scareative powers. This is the opening volley of this year’s Halloween scare season, and not a bad beginning.

For more information, please visit http://www.breakthroughtheatre.com or look them up on Facebook.

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