I Am 50 Million

I Am 50 Million

I Am 50 Million
Breakthrough Theatre, Winter Park FL

Is there room for “Improv” in “Self Improvement”? Yup, there is, just drop the “Self” and chop off a few letters at the end. The “I Am 50 Million” troupe is back at Breakthrough. Tonight there are six adults and four youngsters with a family friendly show that’s upbeat, funny, and might shave 3 strokes of your golf game and place you in the upper quartile of your fellow employees at review time. While the crowd seems a bit partisan, most of the games worked out well. “Half-Life” built a story and sped it up like a Cinemax late night movie on a VCR. I love the title of “Timmy In The Well,” it’s a version of telephone that relies on physical motion rather than words; here “Albert Einstein at Miami Beach” turned into “Frankenstein’s Monster drop kicking a kitty.” (Not and actual cat, what do you think this is?) And a melodrama featuring audience catch phases peaks with a mention of “Flaming Hamburgers of Doom.” I think that’s a new restaurant in Winter Park. Along the way we meet some promising pre-teen improvers; one little girl bossed everyone around on stage and complained if the action was slow, another young man didn’t hit very many jokes but when he did connect, you could see his thrill. This troupe is bad about giving out names but does a bang up job being funny; I hear they may be back soon so keep a nonspecific body part open.

For more information on I Am 50 Million please visit http://www.iam50million.com/ or look them up on Facebook.

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