Kicking Harold

Kicking Harold

Kicking Harold

Red Light District


These guys ROCK! Yeah, they’re alt-rockers as advertised on the press stuff, but they take me back to 1970 something when Kiss and Cheap Trick and Led Zeppelin fill the air waves. Sure, they toss off a few slower numbers like “Dance to the Radio” or “Sunflower” but these guys are about power chords, fast jams and real rock songs that all ultimately boil down to chicks. cars and partying all night long. “American Nitro” kicks off the collection, sneak in an air guitar solo with Tim David Kelly and his clean, controlled voice as he belts guy friendly lyrics like “Life is so much brighter when you are not around.” This guy has PERFECT diction. There’s a great sing along “Drinking to Forget You” (you don’t even need an ex to chug a few here) and of course a power ballad; this one is a reissue of their “Kill You” as well as a classic cover “Need You Tonight” by INXS. Who says rock is dead? With bands like this on the horizon we’ll all be rocking till our backs give out. Whoo HOO!

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