Tomorrow We Move to Hawaii

Tomorrow We Move to Hawaii

Tomorrow We Move to Hawaii


Red Eye Transit

I suppose if you grew up in Oslo there would be a magic appeal to the idea of picking up and moving to Hawaii; it’s about as far as you can go and still get oxygen cheaply. This rocking electro pop duo call on toasting, early rap, driving drums and weird synth lines to make a foot tapping experience. Vocalist Marianne Stranger still has that slight Euro accent that Bjork never lost, its adds an air of mystery to what she’s singing even if every word is language tape precise. I’m assuming that band mate Eyvind Brox is handling all the laptops and flashing light boxes, the sound here is clearly laid down in sedimentary layers from a solid 2/4 bass beat to the swoosh swishy electronic filigrees that soar up to the ceiling mounts speaker cabinets.

Titles like “Plastic Snake” and “Eau de Cologne” and “Bamboo Breaks” say nothing about the tropics or warm breezes, this is the sort of internal rationalization one needs to prosper in a winter with no sum. The sound here is large and not quite scary; you know your safe at the bar but out on the floor …well, you’re safe there as well. This is dance music that won’t take you out in the alley, beat you up and steal all your molly.

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