Aspie Seeks Love

Aspie Seeks Love

Aspie Seeks Love

directed by Julie Sokolow

starring David Matthews

Even though they took Asperger’s syndrome out of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (Volume 5) Dave Matthews’ love life hasn’t improved. He’s a “high functioning’ Asperger sufferer and this congenital condition has left him unable to pick up on the social clues we all use to navigate and thus he has a tendency to move way too fast on dates. Funny, that seemed to work out for all my high school buddy.

But in this very intimate and revealing documentary we follow him for a year, learn about his life and go out on a few dates with him and some pleasant women. I can’t say I’d let any film maker this close to me, never mind all you unwashed movies voyeurs, but we appreciate Dave’s efforts. On the surface, he’s not a bad looking guy: a bit gawky, dresses like a software geek, and has virtually no body odor. Employment prospects are a bit iffy but he’s written a few books that have gone on to widespread dis-acclaim. He gets the occasional public reading in hipster coffee shops, but that’s not enough to feed the electric meter. You root for this guy; he deserves some physical love and although women aren’t lining up to join him there’s probably someone out there. It might even be the cute Asperger’s blonde with two hyperactive children, but we never see that relation really resolve. The film maker makes him look as good as possible, this is very close to a full length “Hello, Cupid” ad for Dave. His guy is lonely but trying and the result is a gentle slice of life film. It might even explain that odd person in your own life.

This film is part of the 2015 Florida Film Festival
-wb Carl F Gauze

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