Written and performed by “County Joe” Rosier
Brown Venue
Orlando Fringe Festival
Loch Haven Park, Orlando, FL

Of all of Mr. Rosier’s monologues, this is the most mystical and satisfying. He enters the stage in earth brown: a monk’s cowl tied with a story teller’s rope, a fedora, and a walking stick. His tale recalls of Native American legends filled with helpful and hurtful animal spirits, then a magician presents him with four magic objects: a leaf, a feather, a rock and a shell. He includes some confusing mystical advice “You will never be given a wish you cannot achieve.” OK, these are his marching orders for the next five score and ten years. He wanders the earth, circling it once and finding adventure at every turn. The mystical bones of this story are strong, its motivation not so much. A thing happens, then another and then another. Better a thing happen, and therefore the next. Opening night saw a very slim audience, and he toned his voice down to a whisper at points making for a very intimate event.

This show was part of the 2015 Orlando Fringe Festival. Information on tickets and times may be found at

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