Late with Lance

Late with Lance

Late with Lance
By Peter Michael Marino
Bronze Venue
Orlando Fringe Festival
Loch Haven Park, Orlando, FL

This commentary was based on a technical prevue.

The line “Everyone knows the critics don’t come to prevues” came close to bringing down this teeny tiny show in a teeny tiny venue about a man with a teeny tiny career. Lance is a Guffmanesque character with big dreams and even smaller talent. He lives on a cruise ship but can’t perform there and probably can’t even get patron tips. His dream: a drag “Bloody Mary” role in South Pacific. Today he’s doing a quick talk show while the “SS Spectacular” is docked in Orlando, presumably down in Lake Ivanhoe. While Lance aims low in this show he and his toupee are better than many hopeful Fringe acts; Mr. Marino is much more talented. You may remember him from lasts years’ tale of woe about his “Can’t Fail West End Musical” that collapsed into a pile of broken dreams. Some highlights here include a clever parody of “One” from “A Chorus Line”, a five minute “The Sound of Music” and an incomplete but promising song: the entire catalog of one person show gimmicks set to Gilbert and Sullivan’s “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General.” If you’re a science geek, Tom Lehrer’s “The Element” song. No Huge Jackman here, just a funny one man show.

This show was part of the 2015 Orlando Fringe Festival. Information on tickets and times may be found at

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