The Fringe Omnibus 2

The Fringe Omnibus 2

The Fringe Omnibus 2
Orlando Fringe Festival
Loch Haven Park, Orlando, FL

We are nearly done, or at least I am. Information on tickets and times may be found at

Exclusion Zone (Yellow Venue) Martin Dockery travels to the Chernobyl reactor and gets within 100 yards of the core. Neither radiation or warfare or explosive diarrhea will stop this man from telling a story.

Cajones (Orange Venue) Various Fringe artist “Do things they never would”. Basically they do whatever it is they normally do, just drunker and less accurately.

Dumpster Cats (Silver Venue) The script is as messy as the stage in this occasionally charming musical. Main reason to see it: Brandon Roberts sings.

Dance in The Graveyard (Red Venue) I call this a “Honey, we’re dead!” play. Two men have to figure out the afterlife with its crazy and malleable rules as Jean Paul Sartre rolls over in his grave.

Kiss Around Pass Around (Bronze Venue) More Japanese weirdness from everybody’s favorite anti-kabuki actress Yanomi Shoshinz. Your shoes are in danger.

Hoodies (Silver Venue) A touching domestic tragedy surrounds an in-your-face political message compete with sad faced actors holding up posters. One of the rare times Stephen Lima is intimidated on stage.

God Is a Scottish Drag Queen 3(Silver Venue) God loses his edge, not as funny as last year. Bu we enjoyed singing “I’m Gonna Be.”

The Stimulators (Brown Venue.) This medical “thriller” was written with a 2 by 4 and may be the most inelegant script I’ve ever seen staged. The nudity was a tease but will never make up for this pain.

Grim and Fischer (Silver Venue) Masters of mime and mask tell a tale of love, death and flatulence in this touching and funny reflection on death and mortality.

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