The Wait List Murders

The Wait List Murders

The Wait List Murders
By Steven Schneider
Directed by Laurel Clark
Starring Bill Warriner and Darby Ballard
Carpenter AuntProductions
Green Venue
Orlando Fringe Festival
Loch Haven Park, Orlando, FL

You don’t need a complete set of Fringe buttons going back to Terry Olson to laugh at this show but it helps. In a closely parallel universe Mark Maraschino (Warriner) is running a theater festival aided by just one intern (Ballard). That’s tough enough, but a surprising number of his waitlisted acts are getting….MURDERED. Soon even the mighty Orlando Police Department takes and interest; Detective Sam Comish (Maria Regen) shows up and starts asking the sort of questions usually reserved for a fedora hatted tough guy. Maraschino decided to solve the case himself, because that’s just how your write these fakey detective shows.

It’s all about the local reference gags, and Mickey Layman leads the pack as the creepy realistic alter Michael Wanzie. Ferret Powered Android and Marla Weech (Jenny Ornstein) take a hit along with the overly ambitious Wesley Slade and a local antique dealer. This is author Schneider’s third show and by far it’s the cleanest, smoothest rode to date to date.

This show was part of the 2015 Orlando Fringe Festival. Information on tickets and times may be found at

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