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The Fringe Omnibus 3

The Fringe Omnibus 3

Orlando Fringe Festival

Loch Haven Park, Orlando, FL</strong>

And batting clean up…

Streisand: The Greatest Star- -Like BUTTAH!</strong> (Gold Venue) Skilled local vocalist Carla DelVillaggio channels the still living Barbara with videos, vocals, and a persustant sound problem. You can dance on stage if you want.

Jaws: The Movie: The Musical</strong> (Green Venue) As shows with colons in the title, this oen is more sucessful than most. The music is generally sucessful , the plot no more rediculaous than the title sugessts. Laurens Anderson was the best looking, and Jarrette Poore the best dancer.

Uncouth </strong> (Pink Venue) Windy Wynazz offers us some clever clowning with sexual overtones. Highlight of the show involves a pinwheel attached to her crotch; a hapless audience member blows on it to make it spin. Rule 34 in action.

TJ’s Kitchen </strong> (Yellow Venue) Circuit favorite T.J. Dawe is back, this time doing seven different monologue. I caught one about his teen age years blowing stuff up and how he drifted into theatrical success while his buddies became white trash losers. Then he talks about breathing exercises designed to make you hallucinate. This guy is always cool.

Around The World in 80 Years </strong> (Blue Venue) Just because you are gray and wrinkled doesn’t mean your sex drive is done. D’Yan Forest strokes her ukulele and talks about her floozy lifestyle. It’s like “Letters to Penthouse” answered by your grandmother.

It’s A Trap! </strong> (Shakespeare Courtyard)

Pay a buck and you have three minutes to solve a puzzle. The puzzle is trivial; shifting your brain to the new environment is a challenge.

Hop Frog</strong> (Bronze Venue) John Devennie tells a gripping story of vengeance and dance in this one man Edgar Allan Poe piece. Plus there’s a drawing for a Snickers Bar.

Rap Guide To Religion</strong> (Gold Venue) The rapping is weak but the message is fascination: There is a biological benefit to religion. Serious. The rap gimmick is forced and the charts hard to read, but this is one thought provoking show.

Jonesie Takes New York</strong> (St. Matthews Tavern)

Sara Jones sings diva cabaret with a real deal backstory. She hits the high notes and sings the low notes of her love life in a superb dive bar setting.

Joes NYC Bar</strong> (St. Matthews Tavern) I covered this show recently; but tonight the talk was all about love and marriage. Christian Kelty and his team pour the drinks and controversy stiff and strong.

Moonlight After Midnight </strong> (Green Venue) Martin Dockery and Vanessa Quesenelle present an intricate combination of failing romance and the supernatural. Stick with this one, it starts slow.

Rainer Hersch’s Victor Borge </strong> (Brown Venue) </strong> Sit down comedy based on classical music and one of the biggest comedians of the mid-20th century. This guy broke his leg to get here, the least you can do is laugh at him.

Once I Laughed </strong> (Yellow Venue) Andrews Sisters biography and reviews. The girls are cute the songs are hits, and story totally lovable.

The PeeVira Chronicles: Wedding Whorrer Story </strong> (Red Venue) Drag lip syncing mixed with the comedy stylings of Josephina (Sheli Nathan-Miller) and an incoherent story about a wedding. Positives: the sound is well mixed. Negatives: They make you get up and dance.

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