Brick Journal #34 – “The Superhero Issue”

Brick Journal #34 – “The Superhero Issue”

Brick Journal #34 – “The Superhero Issue”

Joe Meno Editor

Tomorrows Press

I always look forward to the occasional copy of this hobby specialist magazine, and this month the topic is one that’s filling the movie theaters this season – superheroes. Brick Journal is the unofficial organ of the LEGO modeling community, and it breathlessly reports on anything LEGO from modifying minifigs to building complete movie sets. In these 80 glossy pages we learn how to assemble a full mini-figure Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. team, visit a stop motion animation film set reproducing a fantasy LEGO Batman vs Superman scene, and assembly both a Batmobile and some truly creepy Sandman heads complete with wind or water blown hair.

Brick Journal is a rally point for LEGO lovers filled with detailed step by steps of how to do the nerdy cool thing. The secondary market for accessories fills the back pages, and if your cursed with Uncool Kid Status this is your chance to break out. One the most amazing features covers DC’s Comic Bricks. They take classic pulp comic covers (Here the original Batman Cover)and re-renders it in cleaner fonts and with a LEGO Batman drawn in, and then they build a diorama of the cover in even more small colored interlocking plastic blocks. Even if you haven’t tripped over a Lego since you packed your six year old off to soccer camp, Brick Journal is a joy to peruse. If only I had enough time… and space…and LEGOS….

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