Frank Viele

Frank Viele

Frank Viele

Fall Your Way

Horizon Music Group

“2014 Live Act of the Year” – not a bad way to run a music career. This guy sounds like he deserves it, Viele’s mix of light jazz, vocal pop and indie soul reminds me a of a really good Saturday Night Live house band, but with better vocals and a chance to play full sets and not just amuse the studio while the ads run.

“Easy Money” is mostly about chasing women; he sings “I’m gonna get you” with the happy joy of knowing the pursuit will be a pleasant formality. “Kalifornia” fronts a strong brass line, Viele here complains mildly about pursuing his musical career. Again it’s not a serious lament but more a gripe we all have after a tough day at work – we’re not ready to quit or anything drastic, it’s just blowing off stream. “Broken Love Song” opens this collection, and it was the track that really sold me. It sounds like a back country guitar with an occasional key board solo by Jan Hammer (Mr. Hammer is not on this collection, just someone who really sounds like him.) The country flavor comes from guitar tuning and bit of echo, and while lost and found love permeates this disk the heart of Mr. Viele’s efforts is solid Americana pop songwriting. He’s influenced but never copies jazz, power pop, old time country sounds while adding sharp vocals. If this is the direction of indie pop, I’m back on board.

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