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Motobunny (Rusty Knuckles). Review by Jen Cray.



Rusty Knuckles

One could get lost in the family tree that has sprouted Motobunny so let’s just summarize: members of The Love Me Nots and The Woolly Bandits have combined to produce a double frontwoman glam meets garage meets rockabilly meets pop band that’s as hard to resist as they are to define. Legend has it that the band got together after meeting up at an Iggy Pop concert, and their sound reflects it. “Shake Me” and “Let’s Go Out” are as catchy as any Top 40 Taylor Swift hit, but with a Motley Crue flair. When Gwen Stefani took a break from No Doubt and became a pop star, that’s kind of what Motobunny feels like — like some rock ‘n’ roll chicks who wanted to get their Dance on.

Produced by Detroit’s Jim Diamond — whose credits include The Dirtbombs, The Gore Gore Girls, and the first two White Stripes albums, Motobunny’s self titled debut is pure leather clad, red lipstick painted Fun, with a capitol “F.” Other ass shakin’ tracks are “Red Rover,” and “Apocalypse Twist,” the former of which rocks a saxophone solo that’s part ska, part 80’s pop. “Drown” has a sexy burlesque vibe with a hot bass line, and “I Warned You” sounds like The Shangri-Las rocking a power ballad. Led by frontwomen Christa Collins and Nicole Laurenne, Motobunny are the sound of a damn good time.

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