Gaming in Color

Gaming in Color

Gaming in Color

directed by Philip Jones

starring Colleen Macklin, George Skleres, Naomi Clark, Joey Stern

Indie Rights

The social status of gays continues to expand; today they openly hold public office, marry in many states, and even lead major Christian sects from their closets. Naturally, many are involved in serious video gaming and while it seems that would be a place where sexual preference would matter little, it still generates hour long documentaries. In this TV friendly exploration we hear from gamers, sociologists and game makers and their stories tend to run together. Some games are still extremely hetro, some include homosexual characters, and many allow you multiple options when its time to define your playing persona. But a significant number of straight gamers object, often vigorously to these accommodations, and acceptance is slow.

Are there any further revelations here? Not really, the people we meet are all well spoken and thoughtful, and these lines above summarize every position taken here. I was hoping for something a little more provocative; but this is the sort of calm discussion that the topics deserves, yet as video its largely a snoozfest.

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