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Various Artists

I (Heart) Real Deep House


House music has been around so long it’s now a major industry. But this collection goes down in the cellar of the style to explore all those alt mixes and never released tracks that aficionados seek out, and the result is interesting as well as down-tempo relaxing. “Everything You See (HiRO Remix)” by Sei A features a male vocal with occasional ripples of mild static underneath the hypnotic rhythm. His mantra of “Make no sense of everything you see” is a close to a koan as you find here. We float along for a few more track and then achieve enlightenment with another intriguing track from D. J. HiRO: “This Child Is Wild.” Sampled vocals agree pleasantly in the background, you don’t know exactly what they approve of but this arrangement sticks close to House’s rhythmic roots while eschewing excessive exuberance in it self selected rhythmic space. True, a glass is broken every 16 bars but this is a small price to pay in the dark and somewhat fluorescent room.

By track six “Badam (Alex Barck Remix)” by TrAmHed hits a smooth level groove. Here another male vocalist sputters “Since I found you, don’t know what to say.” There are several interpretations of this male astonishment: either she’s amazing, or she’s psychotic, or possibly he consumed a chemical rendering him unsuitable to do anything no matter what this mysterious woman looks like. Oh, to be young and stoned again!

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