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Pilocka Krach

Pilocka Krach

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Let’s see: a horribly obtuse website, a sexually provocative album cover, a Eurotrash name that crashes Google Translate…hey, this must be art! No other explanation explains this bouncy yet squeaky collection of Not Quite Trance, Not Quite Danceable tunes packed with inexplicable Prussian accented spoken word interludes. I like the clever and witty use of instruments, the thoughtful arrangements that are musical yet not, and German spoken words my sub-Berlitz grammar can’t quite interpret. Avant garde guitars fill “Gitarre Spielen”, Discolight (Album version) tortures a rhythm machine until it pukes up bits of circus soundtrack, and I could swear they sampled a fart to back up “My Name Is Fame”. If you were into the un-hot hits of 1988 this collection will bring back the feeling of Night Flight and all the bands too cool to wind up on New Wave Theatre.

I want you to like this collection, the publicist wants you to like this collection, and maybe even the band wants you to like this. But we are all 21st century realists, and your mileage may vary. Love them, hate them, run to the hills with your hair on fire, Pilocka Krach is weirdly engaging and technically competent. After a few spins of this project you’ll walk into a hipster dive beer par, feed a few quarters into the juke and select The Normal’s “Warm Leatherette” six times. Then I suggest you walk out and hope no one noticed you on Tinder. Run like the worst is about to happen.


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