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Susan James

Susan James

Sea Glass

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If you’ve been waiting, like me, for another sweet dose of Susan James, you’re in for a treat with Sea Glass. If, also like me, you’re expecting that sweetness to be served on top of some damned fine country guitar, well, don’t.

Sea Glass takes James’ California Hybrid in an artsier direction, laying the pretty voice on a finessed background of violin, flute, and harpsichord instead of the rootsy guitar, snare, and banjo of Driving Toward the Sun. The result recalls a 1950s film featuring a mini-skirted blonde innocent, potentially French or perhaps just with a French-twist hairdo and lots of mascara, traipsing through the art district, in the rain, barefoot, eating a stolen baguette…

It’s a different cup of tea. A bit too sweet for me.

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