Super Me

Kill Rock Stars

I can’t really tell you much about the band WIMPS, and that’s sort of part of their charm. This wicked burst of sunny punk rock drifted onto my radar with very little detail. Really I only needed to see the words “released on Kill Rock Stars” and I was IN.

Super Me, released as a cassette EP (or as a download), is an adrenaline rush of girl vocals – sometimes spit with rancor, sometimes chanted with feisty fierceness, but always delivered with unrestrained power. “Sloppy Seconds,” with the undiluted, off-key backing males vocals that serve as shouted responses to singer/guitarist Rachel Ratner’s lead, has a vitality that sounds like a live recording. “Leftovers,” a song about a lazy night on the couch and the joy of eating (you guessed it!) leftovers, sounds like the kind of song you’d fuck around with on guitar while bored one night, while sitting on the couch, eating leftovers. And maybe it is just that, I don’t know – I don’t care! It’s great, it’s spontaneous and I wanna eat it up like yesterday’s pizza!

There are only 5 songs on this lightning strike of a release, and it’s all high octane goodness. What this Seattle trio has done is bring both the fun and the fire of those early Kill Rock Stars releases – I’m talking Bikini Kill, and Sleater Kinney and Team Dresch – and dropped it on the modern day… but, you know, released it on CASSETTE because they’re old school like that!


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