20 rpm

Mango + Sweet Rice

Say what you will about the Japanese, they have a knack for taking outside influences, chewing them up and spitting out genuinely intriguing new art forms. Coppé mutates and cross breeds elements of opera and minimalist music. She adds a cool and occasionally English vocal track that may not chart; but something you can talk about at cocktail parties if such events still exist; if not head for your local open mike night or Social Media de Jour.

There are 21 tracks on this album; presented by archetypical Japanese female performance artist Coppé. She features funky hair, a weird fashion sense and lurking eroticism. The Western styles she tackles here falls somewhere between lounge and rap, opera and spoken word, Arthur Lyman exotica and Brian Eno ambiance. A chugging rhythm line keeps her Cyndi Lauper vocals in line but always on the sort of leash you’d give your Labradoodle in Central Park. This disk is electronica, its opera buffe, and its experimental ambient absurdism. You need to be in the right mood for this project, but boy, when it’s right, its perfect. A Saki martini garnished with pine nuts and a snail? I’d love one!;

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