Edward David Anderson

Edward David Anderson

Edward David Anderson

Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions

Royal Potato Family

Edward David Anderson- formerly with Brother Jed and Backyard Tire Fire- has crafted one of the year’s best records on Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions. The songwriting is sharp yet relaxed in feel, and the sound is crafted to whatever the tune needs, from the banjo of “Hiding at the Hollow” or the understated fiddle that opens the album on “Firefly”, and for that one looks to Anthony Crawford, who played and produced the record. Crawford, now a member of roots super group Willie Sugarcapps, has toured or recorded with everyone from Neil Young, Rodney Crowell, Dwight Yoakam and scads more, and he brings a relaxed grace to the work that compliments Andersons songs of plain life well.

From a robbery gone bad on “Jimmy & Bob & Jack” to the plaintive “Valentine’s Day”, Anderson crafts vivid pictures with his songs, and with Crawford’s wife Savana Lee’s backing vocals and Sugarcapps partner in crime Will Kimbrough on guitar, the record brings to mind Steve Earle’s quieter moments such as “Goodbye” or the Train A Comin’ album, and “One At A Timin’” wouldn’t sound out of place on a Guy Clark record, which is high praise indeed.

The mixture of Edward David Anderson’s adept songwriting and Anthony Crawford’s gift with sound come together perfectly on Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions, a rare treat in a year full of good singer-songwriter records. Almost makes ya wanna head to Alabama to see what the deal is. Almost.


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