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Sam By Donnetta Lavinia Grays

Directed by Lisa Wolpe

New Playfest 2015

Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Orlando FL</strong>

You can count on a junkie – nothing they say is ever true. Monique (Holly E Smith) has a habit; she flees Georgia to Brooklyn with her daughter Sam (Shannon Springer). There she drops in on her sister Rachel (Trennel Mooring) and her partner Nadima (Sheryl Carbonell) with a story about her hubby Reggie (Topher Embry) skipping out. Next morning, Monique is gone, Rachel and Nadima have the daughter neither on really wants, and Reggie arrives with a totally different story about a murdered drug dealer and a police chase. It’s a great deal of hand wringing and family angst; not bad but nothing new. The real jem of a story point appears and is gone in a flash but I hope the author can expand on it: Reggie didn’t pull the trigger and neither did Monique – it was Sam. Now That’s a story I could buy into.

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