Dapayk Solo

Dapayk Solo

Dapayk Solo


Mo’s Ferry

I love the idea of the techno; an impersonal dance sound filed with brutal rhythm and electronic keyboard manipulation, the build, the drop and the real-life samples of a hobo begging for change. But you must admit, it’s all so 1992 and where are we now if not in the mid 2010’s? But just as people restore steam engines and re-adore vinyl music, some people still make industrial music with squeaks and rhythm machines and dim, black and white art work. Today that’s Niklas Worgt operating under the name “Dapayk.” The sound is not exactly minimal, but it’s not over done, no more than 20 or 30 tracks of resamples will do here. He chants “No Need to Sleep” on “To Deep to Sleep” over an ancient analog synthesizer; He chants something else on “Transformation” but I can’t scan it and no of this is about lyrics. It’s all about layer sound, progressive rhythm, and bragging points in a club land where no one really dances, no one really romances, but everyone is too cool for pop songs.


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