Holiday Music Extravaganza

Holiday Music Extravaganza

Ink 19 Holiday Music Extravaganza

Ho ho ho, people.

Whether you’re planning a holiday feast or jogging off those extra latkes, stringing lights or just strung out, look no further than the Ink 19 Corporate Archives for a three-day smorgasbord of cultural morsels to sustain you through the remaining days of 2015.

Today’s potluck highlights the succulent sounds of the season, with a selection of festive fare to whet even the most heathen of appetites. Dig in, my friends.

• •

Slow Club

Christmas, Thanks For Nothing EP (2010)

Moshi Moshi

Review by Matthew Moyer

• •

Mindy Smith

My Holiday (2008)


Review by Tim Wardyn

• •

Johnny Mathis

The Christmas Album (2002)


Review by James Mann

• •

MTV: TRL Christmas (2001)


Review by Julio Diaz

• •

It’s Christmas, Man! (2000)

A seasonal roundup from all over the place by Ian Koss

• •

Songs of Christmas

from the Alan Lomax Collection (1998)


Review by Anton Wagner

• •

Tomorrow, feast on the Toys of Christmas Past.

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