Jock Scot

Jock Scot

Jock Scot

My Personal Culloden

Forever Heavenly

Jock Scot is one of those delightful English eccentrics that as much a part of the United Kingdom as tea and bad teeth. Known as a “provider of good vibes” during the punk days, he was associated with acts such as Ian Dury and The Clash, and after besting a drug problem, he hooked up with guitarist David Henderson (Fire Engines, The Nectarine No. 9) and made this quite bizarre spoken word/poetry/who knows what album My Personal Culloden. Sounding at times like a more mad Charles Bukowski on tracks such as “Tape Your Head On” (which Henderson serves up a frantic Captain Beefheart vibe) or stealing a line from John Prine on “There’s A Hole In Daddy’s Arm”, Scot delights in language and his words are equally profound – and crazed.

Originally released on Postcard Recordings, this landmark of English art has been reissued by Forever Heavenly, with liner notes by Roy Wilkinson and full lyrics- which are vital to understanding such moments as “Just Another Fucked Up Little Druggie” or “Good God” (about Stone’s guitarist Ron Wood). Seriously, fans of spoken word, poetry and English punk will delight in this. Long may Jock Scot’s freak flag fly!

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