Waco Brothers

Waco Brothers

Waco Brothers

Cabaret Showtime

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With the welcome news that Chicago’s punk cowboys, The Waco Brothers are releasing their first “proper” release in ten years- Going Down In History at the end of February, Jon Langford and crew stuck this little gem out there before the holidays. A limited edition of 500 numbered CDs, with the cover art created and screened by Langford himself, this 10 cut release showcases the band’s renowned cover songs. From the opener “Tiger by the Tail” from Buck Owens, followed by Gram Parsons’ “Ooh Las Vegas”, this is a beery good time. T Rex gets a spin with “20th Century Boy” and “Wanted Man” is a fine homage to the Man in Black himself.

The record ends with Langford’s “Merry Xmas to Me”, but not before a live rendition of “Folsom Prison Blues” concludes with a harrowing pass thru “Intersellar Overdrive” from Pink Floyd, as only a bunch of English punks transplanted in the Windy City can muster. All in all, this is a great collection of one-offs, and a fine primer before the bands “real” release. Get it, son!


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