Wild Style Lion

Wild Style Lion

Wild Style Lion


I’m Single Records

We have nearly run out of musical mix-up styles; yet this rather interesting album finds a new one and bills itself as “Teutonic Psychedelia” or “Kraut Grunge.” True enough; all these roots are lying under this sometimes rhythmic, sometimes dissonant eleven song collection. I started with the track named “Kingdom Cum,” it leads with its distorted guitars and a rhythm built on a vaguely Catholic liturgical meter. Lyrics invite us to “turn on the Acid Queen;” if that’s good old Tina Turner I think she can handle that herself. Industrial sounds fill the back drop of “Charlie Charlie;” this might be a Devo track if the boys were on anti-depressants and had traded their sense of humor for Germanic irony. And in “Voltures” we find a simple chord progression punctuated with flights of electronic noise. There’s a real sense of space in this music; even with cheap airline ear buds I feel like I’m in a large and ominous sonic space.

By the time we track “Godwasinme” that space has shrunk and the paranoia level has risen; something significant is about to happens but will be the unleashing of those snarling vocals? Or an invading spacecraft with those flashing red hoops of light? Perhaps our own paranoia attack us. This record is intense and engaging, just don’t do any semi-illegal chemicals until you’ve heard it at least once.


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