Muppet Mania – A Salute to Jim Henson

Muppet Mania – A Salute to Jim Henson

Muppet Mania – A Salute to Jim Henson
Conceived by Angelyn Rhode
Music for Melons
Presented at Breakthrough Theatre
Winter Park, FL

If you take “Avenue Q” and invert it, this is what you get: instead of funny puppets singing naughty songs, you get naughty humans singing funny puppet songs, and all in the name of raising money for breast cancer research. Like all Breakthrough cabarets, there’s a cast of dozens on the stage as we review decades of Muppets material. We open with “The Muppet Show Theme”; this gets everyone jumping and warmed up. Then it’s time for “Moving Right Along” featuring Jamaal Solomon and Chad Cartledge. Naturally we hear “Bein’ Green” and “The Sesame Street Theme”, but the doo-wop inspired “I’m Gonna Always Love You” and “A Professional Pirate” were much higher in entertainment value. Mr. Solomon was an excellent Cookie Monster (“C Is For Cookie”) and the normally heavy metal Rob Delmedico tossed off an energetic “Rubber Duckie.” The leader of this breast cancer awareness pack is the effervescent Angelyn Rhode who brought her dad on stage for the old favorite “Does Your Bubblegum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?” (Mine does.) Then we were just about done; the closer was the hopeful “Rainbow Connection” sung by the whole cast. Money was raised, laughs were laughed, and hopefully some breasts were saved.

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