Acid Dad

Acid Dad

Acid Dad

Let’s Plan a Robbery EP

Knife Tapes

I like my freaky mind-expanding sounds to be buried behind grimy guitars and unruly vocals. Don’t give me the jam, I don’t care so much about the funk, but when the punk gets a little weird, a little trippy — I’ll gladly turn on and tune in. With just 4 songs, NYC’s Acid Dad drops just the right amount of freak on their debut EP Let’s Plan a Robbery.

Kickoff track, “Don’t Get Taken” is a snarky, pogo-inspiring burst that exemplifies the band’s ability to pull from early sixties garage rock and classic ’77 era punk, and make it sound modern. It sounds a lot like White Reaper, another band of the Now that sounds like a band of Yesterday without sounding like they’re trying too hard.

Remember the first time you heard “Last Nite” by The Strokes? Did you dissect it and call it a rip off of Tom Petty’s “American Girl,” or did your skin tingle at the introduction of a new classic to file away into your subconscious soundtrack? If you fall into the latter category, not only will you probably adore the discover of Acid Dad, but you will also have an easier time digesting any new music because — let’s face it — everyone is building upon what’s already out there and has been out there for generations.

The remaining tracks take a more leisurely lap around the room, allowing the guitar tones to swirl and the vocals to echo. “Shoot You Down,” with it’s mesmerizing melody and sweltering guitar solo, feels like 3am when you’re a bit drunk and stumbling through your front door, with the smell of the night stuck to your clothes and a light sheen of sweat pasting your hair in place. The night’s over, but it’s not quite the next day yet, and everything feels dreamy. If you had a good night, this is the best feeling ever; if you had a bad night, then the feeling may not be good, but it’s sure as hell visceral in a way life can never be in the daylight.

Mind expanding music for the beer drinker — that’s Acid Dad.

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