Super American

Super American

Super American

Golf Pop

Super Americans gives us a super-charged, super optimistic sound that has the happy energy of a 1960’s dance hit and edgy guitar work of a solid modern power-pop band. This little five song EP is packed with gems like the “Push Ups;” here someone’s gal is snatched by “A Guy in a bolo tie,” and you have to sympathize; unless of course you wear a bolo tie. It’s OK if he’s wearing boots and Yoke shirt, but his isn’t a country band. Without missing a beat, we segue in to “Love to Hate” so quickly I didn’t even catch the key changes on the first listen. Then it’s short hop, jump and gelandesprung to “On Top of the World” with its fading view of last week’s GF. The slow intro to Track 4 “Charles Cheatham” is deceptive; soon we’re attacked by a sharp guitar line that dominates the track; the body of this tune is urgent and angry. I’m sure the story behind the band’s name might be fascinating, but perhaps not. There’s not much info on this group out there, even their Bandcamp site is minimal. There are four guys, I suspect they have names and maybe romantic interests, they operate out of Buffalo NY and love Instagram. They have a promising sound, 2 EPs on the street, and they have a gigs coming up in Toronto and Ohio. Give them a listen, I liked what I heard.;

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