The Maxies

The Maxies

The Maxies

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Not that many bands come from Greenland, including these guys. But that’s their gimmick and it’s a pretty fun concept so I’ll play along. You get a clue as to what’s really going on in opening track “M.A.X.I.E.S;” here they sing “L.A. is not the place to be; Greenland is the place to go!” If you ever get to check out the 64 Degrees North scene, let me know what it’s like, but down in L.A. these guys are high-energy punk pop band with a knack for clever, offensive and memorable lyrics. “I wanna play with your snow cones” is one lyric I can list here; not everything they sing is suitable for small children or most house pets.

These guys have been called “The Evil Version of the Aquabats” and they do wear ridiculous costumes and have a level of energy that can overwhelm the listener. Lead singer Maximum Maxie offers a clear yet nasal delivery that punches the jokes up and keeps you on your dancing feet. Other members include Chrissy Pissy on drums, Mad Maxie on bass and Donny D-Bauchery on guitar. These are the sort of snotty names that the early L.A. punk scene thrived on, and these guys bring them back in icicles. Catch them if you can; as they pointed out in their second album: Greenland is Melting.

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