The Record Company

The Record Company

The Record Company

Give It Back To You

Concord Music Group

First came across this rockin’ trio last year on their debut EP, Feels So Good, and have to say, they’ve gotten even cooler, if that was possible. Their sound is heavy on the groove without any fluff, such as the opener, “Off the Ground” which brings to mind that great John Lee Hooker/ Canned Heat Hooker and Heat. “Rita Mae Young” sounds a bit like Beggars Banquet Stones, with a moody slide guitar part ala “Dear Doctor” with guitarist/vocalist Chris Vos testifying on a tale of that woman who just left- pretty much the standard blues staple, although these guys aren’t satisfied with doing anything standard.

They revisit two selections from the EP, “Hard Day Coming Down” and “Feels So Good”, which is cool, since that release is a bit hard to find. New material such as “Turn Me Loose” and “Give It Back to You” are ballsy, bass-heavy compact doses of the blues, full of swagger and a great feel, topped off with some scalding harp work that would sound great at last call in some roadside juke.

In fact, The Record Company sound tailor-made for such a locale, where artifice and sham are discarded and only the blues matter, which is getting harder and harder to say these days. But The Record Company on Give It Back To You hits on all cylinders, and makes one impatient for their next release. Boogie down boys!

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