Ulli Bomans

Ulli Bomans

Ulli Bomans

Sort By Dragging


I’m guessing this German label’s name translates into English very simply, and its provocative enough to make me listen to this disk just on that alone. Mr. Bowman’s forte is rather quiet and introspective electronic music; the thrust is creating an ambiance rather than raising a revolution. Like most electronic musicians Bomans uses various stage names either to differentiate projects stylistically, or just to elude the critics.

This particular project has a slightly sinister feel; and when I’m working with the avant-garde electronic sounds I like to imagine what sort of movies scenes ought to accompany them. “Detroit Tape Noise” might underscore a dark hallway with a body or a murderous killer in the shadows. “Leech with a Deed” explores the scenic landscape of a landlord preparing to evict someone by disassembling the house around them. Skipping ahead to “Parents” I get the sensation of a welfare mothers humming a child to sleep as a radiator clangs in heartbreaking counterpoint. Title track “Sort by Dragging” uses low bass notes to imply a grand entrance for a leading bad guy; then an interruption of static noise says “That guy is too far away to matter here.” And if you can take one more tortuous analogy, “Cheap Seats” loops a rhythm and drags out tones; those seats may be cheap and uncomfortable but you know you’ve landed in the heart of an Experimental Music Concert. Bomans is certainly interesting, but he’s not for everyone, nor does he wish to be.


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