The Fringe Omnibus for May 29, 2016

The Fringe Omnibus for May 29, 2016

The Fringe Omnibus for May 29, 2016

Not that this will do anyone any good, but for the record:

Becky’s Fun Time Hour
(Savoy) I’ve never been as intimidated by a crinoline dress as I was in this bubble filled show. Becky Fischer wows a small gay bar crowd with stories and show tunes including my fav “Everybody’s Girl” from “Steel Pier.”

Burn Job, by T. J. Dawe (Black) Enneagram master and king of the self-analytical story returns with another collection of tales about his early years and expansive drug experiences. You’ll hear bits and pieces of previous monologs but all is well; Orlando loves T.J. just as he loves us.

A Night at Sara’s Lounge (St. Matthew’s Tavern) I never realized The Jam’s “A Town Called Malice” or Bowies “Heroes” could be lounge tunes, but here they are. Backed by a kick ass band; Miss Jones weilds her golden voice with ease; ditch the fake crisis and groove with the jazz in this intimate environment. If you don’t find her in your lap, your just not one of the cool kids.

Magic, Music, and a Little Mayhem (Pink) You’ll buy a ticket just to see “Ca-Ching the Bunny”; then you will gasp at the illusions including sawing an audience member in half. If they don’t put you back together; ask for a refund.

Another Brick in the Wall (Pink) We don’t need no education, but we do need some rock and roll. This edited version of Floyds’ depressing neo-fascist drama is realized in dance. Pink acts better than he dances and I didn’t want to slit my wrists like I did after seeing the film way back when.

VarieTEASE: Carnivale
(Orange) This reprise of Blue’s best show ever retains the spirit but not the action or sound track of the original. A young woman (Tymisha Harris) joins the circus and learns the ropes and then emerges as pony on a leash. Stunning dance and blasting sound combine to entertain; but when Ms. Harris appears in a bridle I thought: “Is this a “Smell the glove” moment?

Vasily Djokovic (Black) I’ve hung with real Russians, and we all agree: the Cold War days were the best. Comrade Djokovic finds himself in Orlando discovering American Way and rationalizes Soviet propaganda. But like all Ruskies I’ve met his humor is as dry as Kazakhstan and as piercing as putsch. Highlights include Neil Bernard drinking a shot of real vodka and my passed the Rasputin quiz.

These show was presented as part of the 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival. For show times, tickets and more information please visit .

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