Colleen Green

Colleen Green

Colleen Green

s/t Cassette EP

Infinity Cat

Strap on your roller skates and put your hair in a side pony, cause Colleen Green’s new EP is a straight up ’80s dance party. These 6 songs are sunny, summer time snippets of pure old-timey fun. The kind you had at roller rinks and pool parties. She cheekily dubs the sound Ramones-core, which one listen to the “Blitzkrieg Bop” rhythms of “Cold Shoulder” clearly defines. If The Ramones were but one girl from L.A., they would sound like Colleen Green.

The drum machine beats are simple and light behind Green’s living room serenade vocals and the guitars are a bit buried in the mix, making songs like “Green My Eyes” and “Between the Lines” sound like a demo heard late at night at your friend Colleen’s house… only the songs are so beyond catchy that you’d immediately shell out the money for a copy of said demo. Appropriately, the EP is being put out as a limited edition metallic gold cassette tape by Infinity Cat as part of their Cassette Series.

As a follow-up to last year’s superbly adorable I Want to Grow Up, this self titled in-between-albums release is an everlasting gobstopper of bubblegum-flavored pop that pulls as much from The Cars as it does The Ramones. Opening song “U Coulda Been An A” alone is worth the price of admission onto this ride. Come for the soft pop punk, and stay for the slumber party jams.

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