Honey Buddies

Honey Buddies

Honey Buddies

directed by Alex Simmons

starring David Giuntoli and Flula Borg

David (Giuntoli) has two things on his mind: can he get a plum role as William Clark the explorer in a new biopic? And how will his life change after this weekend’s marriage? Question number one is in the hands of a casting agent, number two is open as his girlfriend ditched him for “treating her like shit.” We never find out how he did that but his best man, the wacky German Flula (Flula Borg) suggest THEY take the honeymoon: a seven day hike through the Oregon wilderness. David is out of shape, Flula is way beyond goofy, but they head out in a film that mixes equal parts physical comedy and spectacular scenery.

Like all good modern mountain men they don’t need maps or a compass, they have cellphones that don’t need recharging for over a week. There are juvenile pranks; Flula pretends falling off a cliff, David packed a wolf mask and Flula fakes making out with a cute fellow hiker David wanted. Other campers assumed the pair were a couple, after explaining it away over and over they just went with the flow, and we all find our way to a happy ending. Giuntoli is the nice guy sad faces straight man, Borg is goofy beyond words but the two balance each other out, leaving us to enjoy this funny and lovable comedy.

This film will be shown as a part of the 2016 Florida Film Festival. For tickets, show times and location please visit

www.floridafilmfestival.com; Http://buddymoonthemovie.com/

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