Sarah Lee Dobbs Sings the British Song Book

Sarah Lee Dobbs Sings the British Song Book

Sarah Lee Dobbs Sings the British Song Book
Starring Sarah Lee Dobbs
Musical direction by John R. Mason III
Jericko Productions
The Persian Room at Ali Baba’s House of Kabob
July 27, 2016
Longwood, FL

The WHOLE British Song Book? Sounds like a project, and I have another event tomorrow night. But Ms. Dobbs was very selective; her entire show ran just over an hour and she did some extensive editing. The whole Beatle’s catalog was squished down to a short medley, and Freddy Mercury was tucked into the pre-show. Ms. Dobbs was born in a small, unpronounceble town know for cheese and her career careened about the U.K. She almost made it into the Spice Girls; her stage name would have been “Spice Rack.” That says a lot about the show – sexy, silly, and always backed up by a sly “nod nod, wink wink.” Her dream of becoming a Bond Girl sublimated into a stack of parody songs like “Someone Does It Better” and “No Job is Forever.” She opened with “God Save the Queen;” we all rose and acted uncomfortable and even a family there for dinner with the kids stood up from their falafel and kabobs to honor HRH. Between obscure tunes “Lilac Wine”, “Let’s Do the Strand” and “Lambeth Walk” we heard Brexit jokes and Pierce Brosnan stories. Backing here was the slick and funny John Mason; the pair worked with noisy ambiance, a muddy audio mix and Dobbs’ sultry look filled the space with the biggest cabaret audience I’ve seen in this Longwood venue. Hands down, Ms. Dobbs remains one of Orlando best voices and hottest singers.

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