The Youngers

The Youngers

The Youngers

Picture of You

Let It Roll Records

Formed in 1999 in Pennsylvania, The Youngers third release, Picture of You is a timeless collection of rootsy Americana that is impossible to date. It could be from the great country-rock era of the Flying Burrito Brothers, Poco and such or an up to the minute contemporary of The Mavericks or Dwight Yoakam. The group- Todd Notobartolo, vocals, guitar and songwriting, Randy Krater, bass, drummer Bruce Kissinger and guitarist Matt Thren- are big fans of twangy guitar and lap steel (aren’t we all?) and they put them to good use on moments such as “No Money” or the driving “Morning Sun”. “Devil’s Fingers” has a touch of Calexico to it, with its echoy melody line and a nylon-stringed guitar backing. Very nice.

In fact, the entire record is very nice indeed, an unexpected addition to the Americana scene that I suspect we’ll being more of soon. No matter what era they remind of, The Youngers are primed for bigger things, and Picture of You could be the effort than gets them there.

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