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Scandinavian jazz metal? So it’s come to this. I’m torn by this band; it’s got the wall of noise metal sound that can jam Soviet radars, yet there are beautiful and thoughtful passages that sound more like the chill music that infuses the Reykjavik fjords. In the 6 song sampler that came through my window tied to a brick, I found such great titles as “Impending Doom” and “Burning the Remains”. Solid metal titles, each and every one, and inside the slowly advancing metal chords moved with the intent and intensity of a sticky lava flow on flat ground. And like flowing molten rock, towns were burnt, crops lost to smoke, and new real estate created in what was once ocean shore, all involving the bass chords and drum crashes and the ominous drone of Scandinavian synthesizers. Was this a dream? And so, what of? A losing war of the worlds? Rod Serling wakes up with an existential hang over? Bad drug experience held up as an example? All are reasonable explanations, and are things to think about as you analyze dissonance put to good use.


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