Electric Six

Electric Six

Electric Six

Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres

Metropolis Records

A dozen albums is nothing to sneeze at, yet this latest effort by Dick Valentine and his hard-rocking band seems a step below other efforts. We start out with the promising space melody “Acid Reducer” which quickly leads into the more traditional “The Number of the Beast.” This is sort of fun and incoherent vocals we expect; backing Mr. Valentine we still find Taint Nucleus and Johnny National on keys and lead guitar; a new name takes over percussion with the departure of long-time drummer Percussion World.

The sound hasn’t changed much, but the lyrics aren’t quite an exciting as previous albums. True, “The Number of the Beast” offers “Square root of eight, triangulate” and “Lottery Reptiles” helpfully advises “You actually lose money doing things your way” but overall, I’m missing the anarchy and outrage of previous albums lyrics. The best tune “Dance with Dark Forces” offers is “I can’t join that particular circle unless your nice to me” which is somehow too nice. Then there’s the promising “(Be My) Skin Caboose,” it might be the closest thing to a hit here but the line “crazier than cray-cray” sounds so…2000. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad album, it’s just not the best work these guys can do. I you’re new to the Electric Six I recommend starting with 2010’s Zodiak or Flashy and Sexy Trash. Don’t start off on the wrong foot with this normally stunning band.


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