The Micronaut

The Micronaut

The Micronaut

Fenou Bouquet Vol. 4

They call this guy a “One Man Orchestra”, and given his minimalist electronic sound it’s an orchestra for the modern head set. Concert halls with array of violins are nowhere to be heard, but tight, muffled beats govern this sound palette. His real name is Stefan Streck, and he’s pretty darn German, but that’s never really important. Just like any club DJ’s he’s built a wall of sound and light between his personal life and the bouncing X’d out club audience.

This impressive twenty track collection takes us into his hypersphere; there are incomplete female vocal lines; they start words but never finish them. Rhythms modulate up and down; here’s the real genius of manipulating your mind from calm to excitable and back again, all without touch or sight or clear instruction. Tracks hold open ended names such as “Free Fall” or “The Magician and the Scientist” but really they reveal nothing about what you are about to hear. That also strips away any sane sort of post-mortem musical discussion at the next club. All songs are one on some level, and you are just along for a ride in the dark. This is the sort of hypnosis we eagerly enter into, knowing there will be no attempt to make us bark like dogs for the punters. It’s a private journey, and with this cd you can take it anytime from morning commute to evening prayers. Come, join the anointed. We have cookies.

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