The Argonauts

The Argonauts

The Argonauts

Here Come The Argonauts!


Post-pop, post-surf, and post-instrumental, this is a band that appears to come from Japan but combines seeds of the classic SoCal surf sound, urban dubstep, and euro-electronica. The result feels both interesting unto itself and capable of recreating excitement all these various styles created when they first appeared. Nothing here is predictable, but when it’s played you’re happy it landed at your subway stop.

“Ain’t Nothing New” echoes urban jazz beats with a heavy sax backing a fancy piano line. “Young Man Dies in the Holy” opens with a high, tight guitar line that might belong with Patti Smith’s cover of “So You Want to be a Rock and Roll Star.” Later we’re down in the dirt with “Burning Poppies.” Here a cheap 1980s synth backs up a rock steady drum beat and the energy is rising as we hit the boogie infused mosh pit. This is one of the best sounding bands I’ve heard in a while; they push boundaries just far enough to exited you yet remain grounded in successful pop sensibilities and proven electro beats. That makes them a band that’s not just a novelty act.

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