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Various Artists

Various Artists

Aeronautic Vol. 1


Wow. We are already “post-dubstep”, and I never even made it past “pre-dubstep.” Aeronautic is one of those obscure labels engaged in recording even more obscure tunes, but their artist roster always has a banner of rhythm and substance that makes them worth a listen no matter what your tastes and prejudices are. My sources (actually, their publicist) reports the label plans a regular release of material from their stable of artists, mixers, and general musical Avant-Gardists. The theme here is future / bass; there’s a strong rhythm line but it takes its time with a resultant chill flavor that precludes any frenzied dancing. And while you can’t dance, fragments of sampled vocals or electronically edited analog synthesizers make you feel like you’re doing something useful while you wait.

Right now I’m grooving on Alex Lowet’s “I Don’t Need No Groove.” I think he’s channeling “Monday Night”; that must be when these guys get there turn on the disco turntable. Next I’ll fast forward to DJ Flp and his “Good Old Days Original Mix.” Here we find more actual vocals and learn “Everyone is talking about the good old days.” True enough, but I’ll warn you now: THESE are the good old days. “Shoot Dice feat. Swimwear Original Mix “is my favorite title; musically its fast and high pitched. The aim here is not chilled relaxation but a parody of a police raid compete with whirling sirens.

Finally, I’ll leave you with the most delicious of the tracks: “Shwarma King Original Mix” gives us “Epicure.” There a Hindi vocal track samples, old skool vinyl scratching and a laid back beat. I’m not sure how we ended up here but it’s a Saturday night in old Chicago at closing time. There’s lots more electronic experimentation here, and they even sample some 78 RPM Edith Piaf crooning French. I don’t pretend to understand everything in this circus of sound, but it’s all yummy and fascinating to boot.

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