Black Eyed Soul

Black Eyed Soul

Black Eyed Soul

Season of Self-Loathing

Phase 2 Records

In 2012, indie alt. rock darlings, Black Eyed Soul migrated from the sandy shores of Cocoa Beach to the Americana heartland of Knoxville, where the duo set up shop in a new recording facility and focused fully on the future. And in 2017, that vision has been revealed with the recent release of their long-awaited sixth record, Season of Self-Loathing.

Remaining true to their organic-style roots, Andrew and Misty Marcus wrote, performed and produced the record entirely free of outsider fingerprints. And in the process, they’ve created what is arguably their finest work to date.

Of the record’s numerous highlights, “Vacant Heart Like Yours” and “Sweet Gwenevir” both reflect classic BES songwriting, particularly Andrew’s keen knack for powerful storytelling – tracks which will surely scratch that itch for longtime fans.

Musically playful, yet lyrically reflective, “Stardust” finds Andrew still struggling with the experience of life – It’s been mighty fine it’s been a good life. Not the kind of thing that I want to do twice. One of the record’s most engaging moments, to be sure.

But it’s the title track that shines brightest of this 17-song treasure trove. Glossed to perfection by Misty’s angelic harmonies, Andrew’s honest, signature-style lead vocals are also draped delicately in a marvelous melody. Enhanced further by subtle keyboard parts that are accessorized stylishly with twinkling piano work, this acoustic-based gem morphs seamlessly into a pop-flavored chorus, then climaxes gloriously in a burst of wailing guitar. Perhaps a singular career best for the duo.

In a word, Season of Self-Loathing – “BRAVO!”

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