Brian Feldman’s William Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Brian Feldman’s William Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Brian Feldman’s William Shakespeare’s Macbeth
Conceived by and Starring Brian Feldman
Directed by Irene L. Pynn
Brian Feldman Projects
March 20, 2017
Walt Disney Amphitheater at Lake Eola Park
Orlando, FL

Is this a performance artist I see before me,
The stage blank, the audience sparse? Come, let me observe thee.
I understand thee not, yet I attend thee still.

Art thou not, weird friend, tired
Of feeling so slighted? Or art thou but
Suffering stage fright, an man unseen
For lo these 15 long, long minutes?
Aha! Thou’st arrived, dressed as a Transformer
For me to write my thoughts.

Thine togs! Girded for the battle, the rink,
The grid iron, perchance to save yourself from harm.
Your text clouds the audience. A small dog protests.

Diction slurs, words repeat; Yet I listen
and on thy tounge and dudgeon gouts of sound
thou said by rote appear. You own the stage.

It is the bloody business which informs
Thy act to mine eyes. Now o’re the one half hour
The script seems dead. You wickedly abuse
The meagre crowd. Yet thy text motivates
True Kubersky’s pen, true patience foreborn
Alarumed the viewing public, the crowd
Who did not appear, nor this show attend.

While Feldman’s ravishing strides, filled with rage
Spewed out fire. Thou sure and firm-set stage:
Hear not the cars, the motor craft, the birds.

The very winos shuffle past amused
And take the present concept for their own
Which now suits you. While you act, I write
Words to record the depths of thy passion.

(A bird flies by. Brakes squeal)

I go, and two hours remain; is this hell?
It is not, Carl Gauze, for it is a show
That’s summons one to Feldman, or to go.

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