Bill Deasy

Bill Deasy

Bill Deasy

Timeless Things

Pittsburgh singer-songwriter Bill Deasy is best known to many for his time as vocalist for local-hero band Gathering Field and for penning the theme to TV show Good Morning America. Timeless Things is Deasy’s tenth solo record, and although it doesn’t hit the dizzy heights of his outstanding debut Good Day, No Rain, it’s a stellar, well-written record that should appeal to fans of Gathering Field and more revered blue collar rockers such as Bruce Springsteen.

The opening title track brims with verve and urgency and announces the album in style, with the signature lead guitar work of The Clarks’ Rob James instantly recognizable. “After All” is another stand-out moment, with Deasy’s reflective lyrics and a trademark uplifting chorus. “The Night Before” continues the high standard of songwriting, before “Then December” and the sombre “I Stood Still” slow down the pace somewhat. “End of the Record Song” owes more than a passing nod to Jackson Browne, while “You Alone” is a laid back, soulful highlight, but the record’s standout track is the acoustic-based “Crapshoot”, which ripples with atmosphere and a classic Deasy vibe. Timeless Things features a number of guests including singers, Maia Sharp, Scott Blasey and Clark Slater, and Deasy’s Gathering Field bandmate Dave Brown contributes electric guitar on two tracks as well. Along with excellent songwriting and a natural production, it’s a winning combination which lives up well to its title.

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